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Kashmiri Saffron (best in the world)
Kashmiri Saffron (best in the world)
Best Quality Organic Kashmiri Saffron
Sanesa brings to you World's Finest Saffron
We bring to you the best there is. Saffron/Kesar from the Kashmir valley, is known for its unique characteristics; high aroma, deep red color, longer and thicker threads. This is what makes Kashmiri Saffron the most valuable spice and the best in the world.
Story of Sanesa Saffron
Our saffron comes from Pulwama, known as the saffron bowl of Kashmir. Grown by a farmer whose family has been engaged in saffron farming for generations and from a farm that has never seen the use of chemicals ever. Saffron comes from the stigmas (threads) of the flower; Crocus Sativus. These flowers are plucked within 48 hours of bloom. Flowers are harvested in the morning when they have fully blossomed. Each flower contains 3 stigmas (threads) which are carefully picked and quickly dried with utmost care to maintain its purity, aroma, color, and taste.

Kashmiri Saffron (best in the world)


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